Zita Petrak



Pianist and Composer Zita Petrak was born and raised in Prague. After graduating from Prague Conservatory (1976) she continued in her studies in composition.She was teaching at Lidova Conservatory and performed with chamber groups and theater productions.

In 1981 she defected from communist Czechoslovakia to Canada.

Her career has focused on teaching, performing and composition. 

Her first dreamy and passionate piano solo album "Reflections"  was released in 2010 .

In her next album "Streets I knew" (2017) Zita created  a mosaic of musical styles combining influences of classical and jazz music, each track expressing her feelings and memories .

Collaborating for the first time with guitarist Brian Katz  "Golden Orchid" ,"Dancer in the Square", "Mima") she also draws on influences of guitar related genres, including flamenco.

On this album she is also joined by Juno Award winner singer Lenka Lichtenberg "Prayer" and percussionist Alan Hetherington "White Lies"

Zita's composing style focuses on creating mood and atmosphere which takes your thoughts to a very special emotive dreamy world evoking visual imagination as if in your mind you are watching film frames.

In her music she incorporates elements of classical, jazz and impressionist, lyrical ambient music.

Influenced by her classical training her effortless performing style puts an emphasis on tone and expression.      

Apart from her albums Zita has been collaborating with Lenka Lichtenberg on her Juno 2023 winning album "Thieves of dreams" (writing music for the song "Trick or Treat,we're at your gate “ , also "Songs for the Breathing walls "2012, "Masaryk" 2018 .

Zita also shows her artistic feelings in her paintings (see Paintings)