Zita Petrak



Pianist and Composer Zita Petrak traces her musical roots back to the enchanting city of Prague, Czech Republic. 

Immersed in its rich cultural heritage from a young age, after graduating from the prestigious Prague Conservatory in 1976, she continued her studies in jazz and composition, further enriching her artistic repertoire.

Zita's journey led her to teach piano at the Lidova Conservatory (now Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory), while enriching her own artistry through collaborations with chamber groups and theater productions.

In 1981, Zita made a bold decision to seek political freedom and defected to Canada, embarking on a new chapter in her life and career. Embracing the opportunities and challenges of her newfound artistic landscape, she dedicated herself to teaching, performing, and composing.

Her debut dreamy and passionate piano solo album, “Reflections” (2010), showcased her emotive composition and playing style, captivating audiences with its lyrical beauty.

In her second album, "Streets I knew" (2017), she explores a rich tapestry of musical styles, blending classical, jazz, and flamenco influences to craft captivating musical stories. Collaborating with guitarist Brian Katz ("Golden Orchid," "Dancer in the Square," "Mima"), she also draws on influences of guitar-related genres, including flamenco, enriching her repertoire.

On this album, she is also joined by 2023 Juno Award-winning singer Lenka Lichtenberg on "Prayer" and percussionist Alan Hetherington on "White Lies."

Zita's composing style is characterized by its ability to evoke mood and atmosphere, transporting listeners to a world of emotive dreamscapes. Drawing from classical, jazz, and impressionist influences, her music captivates with its lyrical beauty and evocative imagery.

Beyond her solo endeavors, Zita has collaborated with Lenka Lichtenberg, contributing her musical talents to projects such as the Juno Award-winning album "Thieves of Dreams" (2023), "Songs for the Breathing Walls" (2012), and "Masaryk" (2018).

Her artistic expression extends beyond music, as evidenced by her evocative paintings, which offer a glimpse into her soulful creativity.

Through her music, Zita Petrak continues to enchant audiences with her boundless imagination and unwavering passion for artistic expression.